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a story to make you laugh i hope
Views: 386 · Added: 918 days ago

i been with me best mate the other day abd was in the house and hear a noise whent up stair and found me best mate little bother was sing thought he was in pain or some think worse has any one be in this

meet up
Views: 386 · Added: 998 days ago

hi any one up for meets in the summer hols for some fun i am so horny xx

Jokes MkII
Views: 386 · Added: 548 days ago

Since mrpenisman sadly left us, the jokes blog is closed. Let's get it going again. Two WPC dog handlers are on the beat. One says, "I'm cold, I left my panties at the station." The second one says, "Let the dog have a sniff of your pussy and he'll go and fetch them." The Dog returned 20 mins later with her panties, a truncheon, two broom handles and three of the desk sergeants fingers.

The UK Hummm
Views: 386 · Added: 898 days ago

Just told this 16 y/o about the USA if he think's the UK is bad come to the usa in Washington DC were I was born because these guyz on L street with their 21 piece suit's on and a roll of 100 dollor's on them pick them up all the time, my 'Aunt' now deceased told me about these guyz all the time.

my thought for today...
Views: 386 · Added: 172 days ago

why did God give us hair around our cocks? i mean like in a bush? and then why did we need it on our balls and back there?

Connect to my account
Views: 385 · Added: 957 days ago

why not working?

My morning surprise
Views: 385 · Added: 908 days ago

When I first signed online this morning I was expecting the same’o-same’o. Sure it was nice to see someone had written me a message and it was a wonderful letter, but when I saw how many people had requested me as a friend I was overwhelmed. I know what this site is and I know that it is mostly people younger than I. I never want to come off as an old troll because I am not. If I make a friend I do everything I can to keep that friend, but I try not to pester someone to be a friend.
To all who have requested me as a friend I am so honored and touched I can’t tell you. Thank you for that and I’ll try to earn your trust in me. I really want to hear from each of you. (Write me) I want to know all my new friends and right now I feel like the new kid in school; I honestly do.
One thing you each should know is that I try to not hold secrets from my friends. I do have AIDS, B and T cell lymphoma and diabetes. If for some reason I do not come online here or haven’t written back for some time you should assume I am in treatment for one of the above, but also assume I will write just as soon as I can.
I thank everyone who has helped me navigate this new environment with the technical issues. Thank you very much for not making me feel like a dullard. I appreciate that a lot.

Ball sac size
Views: 385 · Added: 639 days ago

What size is your ball sac and does a bigger plumper sac mean popping a heavier creamier load?

can they :O cos i prob hava 7yer old kid walken around :O

Views: 385 · Added: 1030 days ago

I've seen a few videos here that guys use a "Fleshlight" with to jack off. I am interested in buying one but first I want to know if any of my fellow wankers out there in porno land have any experience with them. And if so are they as good as they appear to be in the videos.

Gibt's hier Deutsche Jungs? (16-20 Jahre alt)
Views: 385 · Added: 842 days ago

Gibt's hier deutsche Jungs (oder welche, die auch Deutsch verstehen und schreiben können)?
(16-20 Jahre alt). Einige kenne ich hier schon.
Ich bin 17 und suche nette Freudschaften und Gespräche im Yahoo Chat.
Schreibe mir eine PN in die Inbox.


Hard on problem ?!
Views: 384 · Added: 332 days ago

Whenever I go to the gym and get naked to change or have a shower.. I always get hard !
I dont know why ?? Just the feeling of being naked makes me hard... im a teenager too if that has anything to do with it.
Anyone else have this problem ? its kind of awkward when other guys see me :$

Ever wondered?
Views: 384 · Added: 1023 days ago

My cock is cut but I have always wondered what it would be like to be uncut. I've read somewhere that it makes a person feel an orgasm better when un cut. Does anyone ever wonder what it would be like to have the opposite of what u have?

self restraint
Views: 384 · Added: 805 days ago

how long have you went without jacking off. ive gone three days before i had to play with my sword lol ;)

video speed
Views: 383 · Added: 970 days ago

Probably kind of a stupid question, but I am going to ask it anyway. Sometimes this sight is really slow to open or it takes for ever whey you click on anything. Sometimes it appears to just be stuck. I am not complaining at all; I am just trying to figure out if the problem is with my computer being real slow or if the sight is to busy. If it is busy it's ok but if its my computer I can fix that. Any advise is appreciated.

im in hospital
Views: 383 · Added: 805 days ago

im in hospital...does anyone wanna cheer me up? please :(

i cant get it up
Views: 383 · Added: 1055 days ago

i can't seem to upload videos , that is. i need some boyscout to give me a blow by blow account (each step) asto how i upload videos. and i know the ones i've tried are generic enough. please send this info to my page (mike1946) thanks all very much. mike .

Views: 383 · Added: 491 days ago

any ideas how I can make my own fleshlight guys? or should i save myself the hassle and buy one?

Views: 383 · Added: 1097 days ago

Anyone wanna chat, add me on MSN


Views: 383 · Added: 930 days ago

I was thinking about this today and wondering if anyone else has or is experiencing it. When I was in school I didn't want anyone to know about me so I pretended a lot. By that I mean I went out with girls, fooled around enough so no one would think I was "different" I even had sex with girls a couple of times when with a friend who was having sex with a girl close enough to see what was happening. So I was actually turned on by seing my friends bare ass moving up and down not by the girl under me. On one occasion a friend of mine who I had a secret crush on and I were with the same girl and while i was having sex he was getting a BJ, that was such a turn on to watch. I realize this isn't necessary now in most places but I felt it was when I was younger to play along and keep the secret. Anyone else have to or is pretending like that?

A porn actor who contracted HIV while filming has called for condoms to be made compulsory across the adult film industry.

Derrick Burts, 24, tested positive for HIV in October after starring in US gay and straight porn films.

He was named only as Patient Zeta when the news broke last month.

The straight industry currently requires performers to be tested regularly and checks them against a database called AIM but this is not a requirement in gay porn.

Condoms are normally used but there is still a market for bareback films.

Mallorca! =D
Views: 382 · Added: 640 days ago

Hey guys! In three weeks, i'll be going to Santa Ponsa, Mallorca! I was wondering, does anybody know about a "gay place" or somewhere i can get fucked??? Haha, no seriously... I can also meet up ^^ I will be staying 20 mintes from Palma de Mallorca ;)

Views: 382 · Added: 762 days ago

1st i wana thank evryone for their comments on my comming out blog. u all were very supportive. no i luv the community feeling on this site and i like having freinds so if u want pls add me as a freind . thx

How many times have you been in love?
Views: 382 · Added: 788 days ago

I been in love about 7 times
Girls: 3
Guys: 4

Prostate massage?
Views: 381 · Added: 473 days ago

How do you give yourself one ? I was able to hit that spot once but could never seem to do it again in my own,.. If I can find out I'll post a video ! Thxx

advice needed
Views: 381 · Added: 864 days ago

it all started when i was 14-15 when a friend asked me if i wanted to be gay i said yes and he said do i know what to do. at the start we just sucked and kissed each other and it wasnt till i was about 18 that we tried anal sex which was great at the time and at the start we couldnt keep our hands of each other. im now 31 and his 33 and we have have had sex every month since may last year i tried telling him how i feel about him that i love him and want to be with him but he says its just fun and that he doesnt feel the same should i tell him that im not have sex with him anymore and till commits to me or should i just enjoy what we have i cant stop thinking about him

any advice of comments will be great

Views: 380 · Added: 867 days ago

He is sending me PMs of sick storys about guys who wannna commit suicide or dying of disease!! Where is the BLOCK button???? how do i block :( him from contacting me?

Father and Son vids
Views: 379 · Added: 735737 days ago

Hi everyone if you have any Dad and son or Younger and older - where the lad fucks the dad - please let me know and please show to everyone on here. Thanks.Mickey

looking for local perv buddies in San Antonio
Views: 379 · Added: 735737 days ago

Hey yall....just like the title says..looking for local buddies who are into perv or nasty k9 equine, ws, rough....just drop me a line so we can talk.

need advice
Views: 379 · Added: 506 days ago

I have stop being friends with my friend Kate because one of her friends named Lachlan is threatening me to stop bring friends with Kate and Lachlan and now has starting to threaten my friends as well and I will not put all my friends in danger because Lachlan doesn't want me to be friends with Kate so I have to stop being friends with Kate so my friends are not in danger and kate still wants to be friends

is there any other way to solve it?

young 4 older
Views: 379 · Added: 916 days ago

any young guys into older guys looking to chat ?

Has this happened to you?
Views: 379 · Added: 228 days ago

back :-)
Views: 379 · Added: 872 days ago

i just want to say that i am back...hugs for all

Erotic Story
Views: 379 · Added: 989 days ago

I arrive at your door in only my satin boxers, my body driven mad by the cool night air. You open your door and immediately you pull me inside and close the door. You push me against the wall and begin to kiss me softly, your hands moving to my crotch. My tounge wanting more of your body makes its way towards your chest and begins to lick you all over. Your hands make their way to my horny bitch ass. You moan with pleasue as you feel my ass. I start to get hornier and begin unbuttoning your jeans to reveal your boxers and your bulge. I move my fingers expertly around the uotline of your bulge and start to remove your boxers.

With your boxers on the floor you move me towards to couch. Your almost fully naked, except for your sneakers and socks. I get you to sit on the couch as i slowly remove your sneakers and socks taking care of your now naked feet. This drives your insane with lust so you grab to waistband of my boxers and ripped them off, revealing my cock ready for action. Surprised by this I dive my face into your crotch. I play with your balls with my tounge and keep them warm by sucking on them.

Once again your hands move down my back and onto my ass. Excitedly, I begin to suck your cock, my expert tounging sending shivers up your spine. Slowly at first but getting faster and faster I suck your cock. You massage my ass more and more causing me to suck faster. You then grab my hair, holding onto my head you controll my sucking, You moan louder and louder, getting ready to cum. Soon you pull my head off of your naked body and run your hands down to my rock hard cock. You don't waste a second getting my cock deep into your throat. You lick my balls and cock as I moan loudly. I moan louder and louder, my entire body responding to each movement of your tounge. My cock tingles with delightas you suck me even more. All of a sudden you turn me on my back.

You lay me down on my back, spreading my legs in the air. You lean over and kiss me as you begin to give me a good pounding. Skin against skin, you listen to me moan with pleasure until finally you cum inside of me. With your cum inside of me you once again lean over and kiss me and then begin to jack off my cock. Soon enough I explode with cum, spraying myself in the chest. Satisfied with this you lie down next to my cum coverd body and passionately kiss me. Naked, we cuddle up into each other's arms and fall asleep.

your best and least appreciated
Views: 379 · Added: 579 days ago

put on your thinking caps...of all the vids you have uploaded, which is your favorite. why? which do you feel is the least appreciated? your favoite vid on this site. you can do it.....


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