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To all.....
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if you go down to the woods today
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scary halloween my friends

Cooper's Spooky Halloween Night
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-Somewhere in America-

Cooper-[Home. Finally home from a boring Halloween party. Who was that strange guy that kept watching me?]

Cooper-[Eric. His name was Eric. So strange. He seemed different. What was wrong with him?]

Cooper-[Midnight. So tired. Time for bed.]

Cooper-[Eerie. Something doesn't feel right. Why is it so quiet?]

Cooper-[Alone. Family is gone for the weekend. Have the house all to myself. Better lock the door.]

-Lightning suddenly flashes outside, followed by a loud, thundering boom. Startled, Cooper turns to peer out the window-

Cooper-[Strange. It was clear outside a few moments ago. Why is it so dark?]

Cooper-[Stairs. Gotta make it to the top of the stairs to my bedroom. I hate being home alone.]

Cooper-[Lights. Better turn on the lights. Nothing happens. Is the power out?]

Cooper-[Careful. Don't want to trip and fall. Gotta make my way to the stairs.]


Cooper-[Stop. Don't move. Don't breath. Am I hearing things?]

Cooper-[Imagination. It's just my mind playing tricks on me. Gonna go upstairs and go to bed.]

Cooper-[Cold. Why is it so cold up here? Gonna crawl into bed. Blankets will keep me warm.]

Cooper-[Bedroom. Finally made it. Shut the door. Lock it. Why do I feel so nervous?]

-Lightning suddenly flashes outside, followed by a loud, thundering boom. Startled, Cooper turns to peer out the window-

Cooper-[Strange. It was clear outside a few moments ago. Why is there no wind?]

Cooper-[Presence. I'm not alone. I feel like eyes are watching me. Why did Eric keep staring at me?]

Cooper-[Fast. My heart is racing. Hope I can fall asleep.]

-Some time passes. Cooper is fast asleep, but is suddenly startled awake-

Cooper-[Cold. So cold. Why is the window open? It was shut tight when I went to bed.]

Cooper-[Close. I'd better go close the window. Can't leave it open. Too cold in here.]

Cooper-[Closed. Closed the window. Better make sure it's locked.]

Cooper-[Stop. Don't move. Don't breath. I'm not alone. There's someone in here with me.]

Cooper-[Eyes. There are eyes watching me. Reach for my baseball bat. Got it.]

Cooper-[Adrenaline. I'm freaking out. Something is not right. Why was Eric's skin so pale?]


-Lightning suddenly flashes outside, followed by a loud, thundering boom. Startled, Cooper turns to see a shadow move across his room-

-Cooper throws the baseball bat across the room, striking the wall on the opposite side-


Cooper-[Run. Need to get the hell out of here. Can't move. Too afraid.]


Cooper-[Cold. It's freezing in here. Need to run. Need to flee.]

Whisper-[Eu sunt moartea ta și viața ta! Vei fi pentru totdeauna a mea!]

Cooper-[Run. Just run. Run. Run. Almost to the door. Can't move. Something has a hold of me. I'm terrified.]

Whisper-[Eu sunt moartea ta și viața ta! Vei fi pentru totdeauna a mea!]

Cooper-[Fell. I'm on the floor. On my back. Someone has me pinned to the floor. Am I having a nightmare?]

Cooper-[Fight. Life or death. What the hell is happening? Can't move. Pinned to the floor. Who is it?]

Cooper-[Scream. Can't scream. No sound is coming from my mouth. This must be a nightmare.]

Cooper-[Wake. Need to wake up. This isn't real. Need to wake up. Now.]

-Lightning suddenly flashes outside, followed by a loud, thundering boom. Terrified, Cooper looks up to see Eric above him, holding him to the floor-

Shouting-[Eu sunt moartea ta și viața ta!!! Vei fi pentru totdeauna a mea!!!]

Cooper-[Eric. It's Eric. What is he saying? Why is he doing this?]

Cooper-[Pain. Pain in my neck. Something is inside me.]

Cooper-[Blood. There's blood running down my neck. Getting dizzy. Feel weak. Am I dying?]

Cooper-[Faint. I'm passing out. Can't remain conscious. Give in to the darkness. Give in to the void.]

Whisper-[Fapta se face. Ești a mea pentru totdeauna.]


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Happy 500 GBT days LilB ♡♥♡♥♡
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Congratulations on 500 GBT days

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This is a such a great website with great people. Thanks for all your support. Yeah, I read your blog posts and messages and am thankful that bullier map189 is gone. I couldnt stay away for long--plus I need to get mah freak on! HA!

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Answer in the first comment.....

the house (edit)
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Good Movies on GBT
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Beyond great porn, there are very good movies on GBT. Let's

So few emo's :(
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why is there so few emo vids, people mock them but there just like everyone else, they look different but there still human, i jus wish people would leave them alone and let post vids and stuff where and whenever they like. i'm hoping most people will agree.


Best sex experience
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Share your best memory !

first time
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when was the fisrt time you had a solo wank or did it with a guy?

mine was: solo and in a school bathroom and with my best friend in my room.

OCT 31st
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Wishing all here on GBT a "HAPPY HOLLOWEENIE" a bit early in case i go "trick or TREATING" tomorrow...all enjoy the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! b

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hola quien para chat un rato

Anyone have Site Issues?
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I was wondering if anyone has any issues with the site after the update that has not been resolved? Only need a example of this and a way to recreate the issue

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AWESOME Halloween Light Show!
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Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'I'm proud to be gay'
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Apple chief executive Tim Cook has publicly acknowledged his sexuality, saying that he is "proud to be gay". Full story at

Putting images in blogs
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How do you do it?

Want a slave ;-)?
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Im a Curious guy, looking for a master!
Read my bio and add me if you are interested ;-)!
My skype is: Sleskemig

Black men
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I guess there are not a lot of afroamerican members here at GBT ?

Is it so? When yes why ? Do there have other sites to meet and share ?

Wanna sexchat ;-)?
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Hey I wanna chat dirty with some guys.

test blog...
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thought I'd try doing a blog from time to time just cuz I like throwing out my thoughts. Most will probably be kinda dirty since I'm usually on this site to play with myself.

I saw a self fucking video today, it was super hot and I had to slip myself out of the leg hole of my briefs and finish. I wait until my dormie leaves for class and then watch GBT or Xtube vids. I like guy, bi and straight vids and these two sites usually have whatever I am in the mood for.

We both hang out in our undies in the room a lot unless we have visitors, but we don't do anything. I don't know if he knows I'm bi cuz I tend not to talk about status, but he has seen me with a girl and has probably noticed my spank tissues and undies that I sometimes forget to pick up. He isn't seeing anyone right now, he claims to be straight, but I bet he would be into messing around. I don't want to mess things up with us, so I don't make a move. He's mostly a boxer brief guy, but when he runs low on clean laundry, he has to wear his old white FTL's. They are pretty old and one pair has a small hole right on his sack. I stick to mostly briefs, and some favorite old trunks I like that make my bulge look big. He looks good, my guess is smallish cock, but big balls, he just hangs like that. more on my dormie another time, he's a good guy, smart and we are the same major, so it's all good. He wears a lot of thin sports shorts so I can always see what kind of undies he's got on.

Davey Brooks
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M%#$ER F$@#ER!!!!!

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Question about S
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Ok heres my question, this past weekend after hearing from some friends how great it is to experience a little pain before sex or before climax we decided to try it. Keep in mind this is all new to us but we thought we had the basics down. I was lightly restrained, nothing I couldn't get out of if needed and Jordan was in charge. I have to admit I was pretty excited about trying something new and was obviously aroused. After a few taps to the balls and a clothespin on my penis that was gone so was my erection and any interest in going any further. We were both kind of dissapointed.

Did we try too much to fast or is this just maybe not for me? What have you folks with more experience have to say?

Your favorite quote
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Here is mine:
“Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable”. Plato

First Sexual Experience
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Describe your first sexual experience. How old were you? Where did it happen? What happened?

my daily fear ...
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how meany times do you jack off in the school bath rooms and could not wate to get home or even thelocker room wit outher

This had to happen sooner or later. I'll totally blurt out my list but letting all you go first. Mwah.........ha..........ha


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