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New Blogsite
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Hi guys finally been released from work and had time to start my blog, for those interested go to I put a password on it but I am not sure it is working.
Not much there yet except part 1 of my life, the other topics will fall under the topic "Dangerous Ideas"
Oh and btw I am about to have a sleep as I am too exhausted for any exercise tonight, but by tomorrow lock up your sons!

Good Movies on GBT
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Beyond great porn, there are very good movies on GBT. Let's share our favorites!

Bookmark this blog for future reference:


Bad Fruit
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One night my best friend and I went out to the club. As we were standing around chatting, this older gentleman approaches us and introduces himself. He said his name was John and he asked if we had any plans that night. We told him not really, we were just out to see what was happening. After we stood and talked for awhile, John suddenly said he would pay us $200.00 to come to his place and do what he asked of us.

Of course we were a little nervous about it, but after we stepped aside and talked it over a bit, we agreed what the hell, how bad could it be, and hey, it was a $100 bucks apiece! We told him we would do it on one condition, that he paid us at his front door before we went in. He agreed. We arrived at his house after we followed him in his car and he kept his word and handed us two fresh 100 dollar bills at his front door. We were still a little nervous, but followed him inside.

He had a pretty nice home, all clean and contemporary with nice furnishings and such. He led us down a hallway and opened a door to a completely empty room. The walls were covered in dark sheet plastic and no windows could be seen. In the very center of the room sat a crate of grapefruit, looking rather sad and beginning to wilt. My friend and I looked at one another with, "what the fuck?" expressions on our faces. The man began to explain what he wanted.

He was going to leave the room to get undressed, we were to stay by the crate in the center of the room. While he was gone, my friend and I whispered to one another trying to figure out what this guy wanted, and what the hell was up with the grapefruit? When he returned totally nude, already hard, he continued to tell us what we were going to do. He was going to turn off the light, and begin running around the outer walls of the room. We were to listen close to where he was, then grab a grapefruit and try to hit him with it! For every hit, he would pay us an extra ten bucks.

We both did our best not to bust out laughing and rolling on the floor, and is was hard not to! So out went the light and we both grabbed a grapefruit. My friend was the first to get a hit as the soft grapefruit hit him with a smack and he grunted in pleasure. After about 30 minutes and 3 direct hits, he turned on the light and was done. We freaked when we saw that he had cum and it was still dripping down his hard cock. He paid us the $30.00 and we left.

We laughed our asses off about it in ther car on the way back to the club, and could not get over it! We never saw this guy again. But to this day I still laugh my ass off when I think about it. That was something I will never forget!
And yes, as weird as it may sound, this story IS true!!


Tree of life
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Hey y'all. So I'm new to the whole being curious about guys thing. Not sure what made me become curious in the first place, all I know is I really wanna experiment with a guy. Preferably around my age. So if anyone on here is willing to chat through Skype or phone, give me a message. Really wanna see how far this can go.

My tumblr
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I use tumblr to show some of my photography...

two little words
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MY FRIEND, two little words with a lot of meaning, I am so lucky to have met and made friends on here at gbt, thank you all from the bottom of my heart, love scott

Just saying I miss you Thomas (Tolead)
Views: 176 · Added: 2 hrs ago to me one of the GBT contributors who I most treasure. He hasn't been online for 6 days and is perhaps taking some kind of break. I'm just hoping he's okay. I like Thomas because he humanises GBT for me. I like his intelligence, his incredible willingness to care about people way beyond just a superficial level, his great sense of humour, the amazing contribution he's made to this site, his proven commitment to the political and social gay issues that affect all of us, the way he doesn't just post any random message on your wall but makes it personal to you, that he's given you as a person some thought. I like the way he's as horny and erotic as the rest of us but has stood up and spoken on behalf of members for whom some GBT issues are problematic, but always with tact and fairness. You're awesome Thomas. You're a significant part of what kept me interested in this website, and willing to stay with it, for all its huge flaws. HUGS.

lung and heart problems and am in hosptial and i was taken to a nhs hosptial n waited on a trolly in the corridoor for 5 hours before they had someone to se me i was that bad i thougth i was going to die anyway they fineley got to se me n adimited me on to the ward where they were killing the old people and that is true there a big court case going on anyway i shit myself n cos i was so bad i had no choise so i was put on ward A3 ACUTE WARD the first thing that they sent a male

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super bowl plz explain why should i be interesrestd and who to support or maybe i should just go for a long walk

Pour les Francophones
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mes amis, essai de blog pour voir si c'est aussi bien que les messages, je vous salues tous et à bientôt

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Its shocking to realize just how powerful the influences are from ppl around you, from your family, peers, and your social environment, and its easy to allow others opinions to become your own, especially when you are young. Its interesting to see the reactions from various ppl when they, for example, watch two guys kissing. My elderly mother always reacts the same way, with a loud verbal EEWWW, to which I gently point out why her reaction is inappropriate. I watched several guys of varied ages in a bar some time ago, who saw two guys kissing on the TV and they responded with utter discust and offensive slurs like, FUCKING FAGGOTS, and GOD DAMN QUEERS. I am embarrassed to admit that I did not speak up, out of fear, which may have been the wisest decision under the circumstances, but it left me feeling sick to my stomach. I stopped patronizing those kind of bars and for some years now have tried to make some sort of positive LGBT comment in similar situations. At another time, in a different bar, a picture of two women kissing came up on the TV and there seemed to be general acceptance from the women in the crowd, and the guys were all, OH YAY BABY!, and GET IT ON GIRLS! I always thought that was odd. I remember when I was very young and saw, for the first time, two guys kissing, my reaction was like my mothers, EEWWWW! Gee, I wonder who I learned that from? Of course, that changed dramatically when I realized my true sexuality, just before I hit puberty. I have also seen in recent years, very different reactions many younger ppl have now when they see ppl of the same sex showing sexual affection towards each other, and that reaction was generally more positive and accepting. Obviously, a reflection of the current social advances and acceptance towards LGBT equality and same sex marriage. I guess what I am saying is, no matter how deeply seeded, no matter how rooted the intense feelings of hatred are towards the LGBT community and its ppl, they can be changed. They can be retaught and relearned, and they ARE changing! Maybe slowly, but change and hope are in the air, now more than ever, and isn't that a refreshing feeling! I want to breath more of THAT air! It's up to all of us to keep it moving forward, whether it be in big ways or subtle ways. It all makes a difference. Just use your common sense and stay safe in doing so. Thanks for allowing me to babble on about some thoughts I have this morning. I'd like to hear about some of your experiences, and what your thoughts or suggestions are on this topic of speaking up for change, yet staying safe in doing so. (((HUGS))) to you all. ~ Dennis

Well hello...
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so does anyone know when a video gets aproved? i uploaded a video of me doing a cum shot and well... nothing lol im new here so im not sure how this works or if it worked at all..

Gay Boys 31/01/15
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cum is sure messy...
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so why do i luv it so much? i luv it when it goes everywhere...and i lick every drop.

My twinks
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i just love twinks

Slang for condoms
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What slang words have you for condoms like frenchies, johnnie bags, rubbers?

That'll melt the snow
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Gay Boys 25/01/15
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Gay Boys 27/01/15
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Anyone like to do some fingerpainting?

pictures shown here
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A Daily Pic(k)
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Happy Freeballing Friday!
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I'm off from work and letting it swing in my sweatpants! Anyone else chill like this?

A Daily Pic(k)
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any other Brits just...................
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Loving 'Cucumber'? (not what you might think non brits lol)


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